Stakeholder engagement software

Plan – Engage – Measure
All your stakeholder engagement data at your fingertips

Plan – Engage – Measure
All your stakeholder engagement data at your fingertips

Maintain constructive relationship with stakeholders, consolidate information generated through stakeholder engagement, and align processes with industry best practices

Stakeholder Information Software​

Register stakeholders, manage grievances and commitments, track consultations, and maintain social license to operate.

Individuals and Organizations​

Identify project stakeholders and their affiliations to fully understand and address their concerns and interests. Make it easy for managers to see all stakeholder-related activities and build a full picture of the stakeholder map.

Consultations and Campaigns

Set robust and transparent ground rules for your social investment programs: how requests will be assessed, what screening criteria will be used, how impacts will be measured, and who will be responsible for what.

Issues, Grievances, Commitments and Incident Management

Proactively manage stakeholder concerns and expectations throughout the project lifecycle.


Plan and manage stakeholder engagement activities proactively

Establish an effective and systematic grievance resolution process

Disseminate information efficiently through the use of a single repository

Demonstrate transparency in engagement activities and compliance with international regulatory frameworks such as IFC, IPIECA & ICMM

Reduce reputational and operational risks related to potential blockages caused by stakeholder activities

See how an information management system can boost your continuous improvement efforts

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