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Combine all collected data from various sources then analyze and interpret the information for effective planning, monitoring and implementation.

Social Baseline

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Collect information and analyse impact

Centralise, standardise and understand the data that has been collected through different angles and from various sources.

Better understand the communities in which you operate

Determine how project plan alternatives, designs and site or routing considerations impact the social context and how local populations will cope with project impacts over time.

Environmental Monitoring

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Gather data, monitor compliance with environmental standards

Rapidly visualise, understand, manage and report on environmental sampling results data from different instruments and contractors both for planned and unplanned disturbances.

Perform through proactive management processes

Define management programs and link them to environmental standards for non-compliance management producing reduced risks and completed commitments.


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Collect, manage and report ecosystems inventory data

Biodiversity data analysis from multiple perspectives (season, conservation status, etc.), integrated mapping, and concise reporting for lenders or regulatory authorities.

Avoid negative impact on biodiversity

Centralised database of species and information related to their protection status with measurement of biodiversity performance through KPIs.

Contribute to conservation of biodiversity through integrated approaches and land use planning

Need help on the ground?

We support your field operations

Boréalis sends specialized teams out on the ground and partners with local companies to build expertise and help extractive companies with consultation, surveying, land access and other on-the-ground activities.

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  • Community Relations
  • Land Access
  • Build Local Capacity
  • Flexible & Accurate Reporting