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Are you struggling to get access to land?

Borealis empower your Community team to deliver land access to your project in a timely manner, ensuring high quality data and cost control. Borealis land access process is secure, engaging and have a good track record over the past 10 years.

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Have a well documented Land Access procedure with good data to demonstrate compliance

Land Access includes impacted people and assets identification, community negotiation and compensation criteria, compensation and resettlement activities.

Organise your field team and contractors to minimise risk of corruption

This process requires high quality data and rigorous processes to avoid corruption, disputes, grievances and community unrest.

Get your access to land faster with control on cost and schedule

Borealis has been involved in numerous land access process and our work have always been audited successfully on all our projects.

Ensure high quality data and on-time payment to avoid grievances and work stoppages

We embed the local staff in our team and deliver a very high quality land access program with great buy-in from the communities.

Clearly defines entitlement matrix and packages for your compensation and resettlement project

Need help on the ground?

We support your field operations

Boréalis sends specialized teams out on the ground and partners with local companies to build expertise and help extractive companies with consultation, surveying, land access and other on-the-ground activities.

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