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Provides the framework and tools to effectively define, establish and implement policies and practices for community investments, employment and local procurement.

Social Investment

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Enable robust and transparent process

Screen, review and approve strategic investments, ensure fair outcome, maximise sustainable community benefits.

Ensure a fair distribution

Ensure a fair distribution of investments and supports a transparent process, while contributing to community benefits.

Local Business Development

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Enhance local business capacity

Comprehensive provider register, clear tendering process, performance auditing, enables sustainable local business development while reducing operating costs.

Demonstrate a transparent process

Provides the means for a company to maintain a complete list of local and external suppliers and contributes to: improving the quality of the local supply chain, reducing the costs associated with procurement of goods and services, and demonstrating a transparent process in order to obtain and retain the social license to operate.

Local Employment

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Enhance local workforce capacity

Candidates and competencies register, extensive recruitment process, address competency gaps with capacity building, provides equitable job opportunities.

Ensure compliance with targets

Ensure compliance with targets. Report regularly on local employment to lenders, governing bodies and local communities.

Need help on the ground?

We support your field operations

Boréalis sends specialized teams out on the ground and partners with local companies to build expertise and help extractive companies with consultation, surveying, land access and other on-the-ground activities.

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  • Community Relations
  • Land Access
  • Build Local Capacity
  • Flexible & Accurate Reporting