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Communicate with stakeholders their way – without losing sight of the exchange.

Communicating with stakeholders using their preferred method is key to successful engagement, and keeping track of these communications is critical. The SMS add-on gives your team an easy way to stay in touch with stakeholders without having to worry about losing track of the exchange.

  • Send reminders, links & important information
  • Receive stakeholders questions & responses
  • Record it all automatically in Borealis


Strengthen trust with community members and government officials by respecting their communication preferences – and eliminate manual work in the process.

Easy set up

Set up SMS messaging for any new or existing stakeholder with just a click – all you need is a valid phone number. From that point on, every SMS you send to stakeholders from Borealis will be automatically saved in their record, along with their replies.

  • No more manually sending and tracking text
  • No lost messaging history if your phone
    is misplaced or stolen
  • All Borealis users with access can view
    these exchanges

1-click messaging

Send SMS messages to a single stakeholder or to a long list of stakeholders at once by grouping them in a distribution list. Your messages and any replies will be saved in each stakeholder’s individual record.

  • Invitations & reminders for upcoming public
  • Alerts about planned activities
  • Updates in the event of last-minute changes
  • Links to more information

2-way communication

Keep the lines of communication open – let stakeholders reply by SMS message to keep the conversation going. This can all be done directly in Borealis.

  • Receive stakeholder questions, comments and feedback about invitations, events, etc.
  • Allow stakeholders to contact at their convenience
  • Make your organization more accessible

360° view

Track the status of your SMS messages and make sure they have been received so that the proper follow-up can be done later by anyone on the team.

  • Temporary statuses indicate if a message is queued,
    accepted, sending, or sent
  • Permanent statuses tell you if the message was
    delivered, failed, or if it is undeliverable.
  • View replies from stakeholders
  • Borealis Mobile App

The SMS messaging tool is an add-on to Borealis stakeholder engagement software

Manage all aspects of stakeholder engagement from a single, intuitive tool. Borealis is fit-for-purpose software that centralizes all stakeholder-related data, keeping it instantly accessible to team members from any location or device. Easily add other Borealis modules to manage other areas of corporate social responsibility as your needs evolve. 

Improve outcomes in:

  • Community engagement
  • Land access & management
  • Public affairs & government relations
  • Social & environmental performance
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