Grievance management : Implement
an effective and transparent process

using paper and spreadsheets to manage stakeholder grievances?

Still managing grievances with spreadsheets or even worse, on paper!

A typical grievance management process may have as many as five steps:

  1. Reception of the grievance
  2. Grievance assessment
  3. Grievance investigation
  4. Grievance resolution
  5. File closure

Remembering where everything is at, especially when the number of grievances increases, is already quite the challenge. Making sure everyone is on the same page is a nightmare.

The solution: Boréalis grievance management system

Centralize all your grievances in Boréalis. Standardize the grievance process across your organization. Make sure the right people have access to the relevant information when they need it most. They will thank you for it.

Make sure your staff manages grievances on time. Easily reduce issues and the risks of conflicts.

Borealis grievance management module the solution you’ve been looking for

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