Public affairs

Managing Government
Stakeholder Relationships Effectively

Public affairs and government relations software

You have become a trustworthy partner in the public dialogue but you still manage stakeholder relations with paper and emails.

You may be facing some or most of these hurdles:

  • following-up on actions
  • difficulty to get things done on the move
  • problems sharing information with your team.

Have you considered using a system designed specifically to manage government stakeholder relations? 

Borealis - a stakeholder software for public affairs and government relations professionals

The Borealis platform for public affairs and government relations can help with your most pressing issues:

  • Centralize your stakeholder database
  • Plan, organize, monitor and measure all stakeholder engagement activities
  • Manage contact complexities
  • Ensure compliance to legal requirements about lobbying

while freeing up time to focus on improvements.

Government Affairs: Best Practices in Stakeholder Engagement

Managing government relations and public affairs is a fascinating and challenging task.Just ask any public affairs specialist. But he or she will also tell you how satisfying it can be to know your efforts are making a real difference in your organization and industry.

Don’t delay, take action and start focusing on actually managing the relationships that matters to your organization.