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Ensure a fair distribution of investments and supports a transparent process, while contributing to community benefits.

Social Investment

Enable robust and transparent process: Screen, review and approve strategic investments, ensure fair outcome, maximize sustainable community benefits.

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Set the ground rules for social investment programs, assessments of requests, definition of screening policies and various screening criteria to apply.

Capacity Building

Increase the skills and capabilities of individuals or communities in relation to any type of contribution in order to help them improve practices such as agriculture or household budgeting.

Investment Portfolio

Manage community contributions requests such as donations, sponsorships and scholarships.

Strategic Community Investments

Define objectives and milestones in addition to the awarding of contracts with in-depth analysis of the expected benefits based on community needs and budgets.

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What are the Keys to Transparent Social Investment?

The industry generates considerable projects, which directly impact the lives of many people and different stakeholder groups inhabiting nearby areas. In order to ensure trust and respect between a given company and those communities, the development of local social support networks and contribution programs is strongly encouraged, if not compulsory in some cases.

Communities, host governments, and lenders – the International Finance Corporation (IFC) for instance – expect extraction companies to invest time and money into special social programs in order to acquire and retain their ‘social licence to operate’. Such community projects require a deep understanding of the social and economic relationships between the extraction project and affected communities in order for the investments to answer genuine needs expressed by beneficiaries.

Delivers results through social investment programs

  • Demonstrates transparency and equity in the decision-making process for each request for investment within the project scope
  • Allows regular reporting to internal and external stakeholders on investments made and visualization of the distribution of benefits on a map
  • Manages the social investment process, from reception of a request through to investment
  • Measures benefits to communities in accordance with corporate vision and commitments made based on community needs
  • Ensures good corporate memory and creates a history of each investment request