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Boréalis helps large, multinational organizations consistently manage local stakeholder engagement programs while building and maintaining long-term, trusted relationships with regulators, legislators and influencers, worldwide.

Stakeholder Engagement for Public Affairs

Develop clear, consistent processes and communications with all stakeholders. Centralize and track for public reporting requirements surrounding lobbying and government relations.

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Influence Legislation

Positively influence legislation and regulations to best help customers and communities. Identify main stakeholders and their affiliations to fully understand and address their concerns and interests. With Boréalis, you’ll identify and focus on the most important officials according to your organization’s interests. Easily manage and provide visibility for activities related to individual representatives to share with internal stakeholders, and easily map stakeholders by importance.

Build Brand Trust

Build brand trust everywhere your company operates by being a crucial partner in public dialogues. Facilitate follow-up on challenges and issues and get ahead of crises. With Boréalis, teams work more efficiently and effectively because they no longer have to manually manage contacts, tasks, and engagements.

Empowering Government Relations Teams

Engaging with government representatives at the right time, on-point and with transparency requires collaboration, follow-through and consistency. Empower your teams to communicate consistent and targeted messages with local governments that support your brand globally.

Build and maintain long-term, trusted relationships with regulators, legislators and influencers – everywhere

  • Act locally, report globally. Give each regional team its own data and locally configured platform, across which they can collaborate and report globally.
  • Identify relationships among government representatives. Manage the different roles a single individual may have across several organizations at federal, provincial and municipal levels.
  • Easily meet reporting requirements about lobbying.
  • Simplify team collaboration and event planning.
  • Add personal information to briefing notes.
  • Access all the relevant information you need, wherever you are.
  • Create official communications, including emails and letters. Personalize your communications while minimizing manual work.