A fit-for-purpose stakeholder management software for managing and engaging stakeholders

It lets you go FROM  
  • Searching emails and spreadsheets to track down information
  • Losing valuable data whenever team members leave or projects run over schedule
  • Devoting hours to putting together reliable reports
  • Working in silos with no global view of stakeholder interactions
  • Keeping all stakeholder information in a centralized location
  • Having a lasting institutional memory that lets you build on lessons learned
  • Presenting professional and compliant reports that can be generated automatically
  • Sharing a single point of truth that improves proactivity and outcomes

What is Borealis stakeholder
management software?

Build stakeholder trust with a proven methodology


Connect engagement strategy to execution. The mapping tool in Borealis makes it easy to analyze stakeholders to prioritize the allocation of resources.


Communicate with stakeholders in a more relevant and timely manner. Borealis uses AI-driven machine learning to keep records clean and up-to-date.


Prove compliance with ever-evolving standards. Borealis lets you easily track and progress, generate reports and documentation, and demonstrate the impacts of your efforts.

Focus on improving stakeholder
relationships, not on managing data.

Continuously improve your
stakeholder management outcomes

Borealis stakeholder management software is updated 4 times a year based on the feedback of more than 6,000 global users
to keep up with stakeholder management best practices.

Work more efficiently

Easily feed data into Borealis in multiple ways without slowing down your work

  • Email integration
  • Grievance portal
  • Mobile app
  • Batch upload data

Be more proactive

Always know which stakeholders you need to talk to, about what issues, when, and how

  • Smart communications
  • SMS functionality
  • Stakeholder assessment

Improve decision making

Always have a clear view of stakeholder sentiment and engagement activities

  • GIS capability
  • Visually compelling out-of-the-box reports
  • Drill down on any map, graph or list
  • Powerful analytics features

Don’t put your
data at risk.

A non-secure system can jeopardize an organization’s projects and reputation. It’s important to work with a proven software that can maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data.

Ask us why stakeholder management professionals around the world use Borealis software.