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Australia is an important region for Borealis. We have more than 70 clients in the area who come from a range of different industries, including mining, utilities, energy, and government. We’ve been collaborating with some of these organisations since 2012.

Australia has been a leader in promoting stakeholder engagement and public participation as an integral part of doing business. We share this commitment, which is why so much of our product development is designed to support it.

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What is Borealis

How we compare to other Australian SaaS solutions for stakeholder engagement.

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Because we serve a global client base, we hire customer support experts from different countries around the world. This ensures that our clients are able to work with someone who understands the specific regional challenges they face. To provide the best possible support for our APAC clients, we’ve established a service hub for the APAC region with dedicated support specialists. This helps us deliver an amazing customer experience and ensures that we receive important feedback from our Australian clients to help us improve the product every quarter.


Francis Dupont
Account Director


Andrew Garratt
Account Director 

Emma Kable
Customer Success Advisor APAC Lead

Rommel Catapang
Customer Success Advisor

George Micheal
Business Analyst

Rhea Mosquera
Business Development

Jilianne Worio
Business Analyst

Krystel Faye Tongio
Project Support and Helpdesk

Let's connect

Each year, Borealis participates in leading conferences and events across different industries. This helps us connect with our customers and future clients, and also ensures that we stay on top of best practices relating to stakeholder engagement and public consultation.

Energy Infrastructure & Community Engagement Conference:
Engaging Communities for a Cleaner Energy Future

30 November – 1 December 2023, Sydney, Australia

Spatial Media and Borealis: Exhibitors at the Australia Wind Energy Conference & Exhibition 2023

25-26 July 2023
Melbourne, Australia

Borealis to sponsor the Iap2 Australasia conference

October 26-28 2022 Melbourne, Australia

Case study

Learn how an Australian gas company uses Borealis to manage complex land access negotiations, agreements, and compensation more efficiently with one single software solution.

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