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How Borealis Compares with Darzin?

Yes, we’re biased.

But we’re confident that we provide the most advanced stakeholder management software to support your stakeholder engagement activities. You’ll find the features you need to take your stakeholder management to the next level.

We’ve spent the last 20 years helping organisations build enduring and trusted community engagement strategies. We help our customers by providing cloud-based stakeholder engagement software for storing, sharing, and reporting on all stakeholder data and related engagement activities.

We’re ready to provide you with a digital solution to improve your stakeholder engagement processes and results.

What Borealis Can Do for You.

Discover Australia’s best stakeholder engagement software, where you can plan, engage, and measure your stakeholder management activities’ success in one centralised tool.
Take your stakeholder engagement to the next level with advanced modules that can be added on demand to better manage and demonstrate specific areas of corporate social responsibility.
Borealis stakeholder software is an integrated information management system used by organisations worldwide to manage all aspects of stakeholder engagement according to industry best practices and international standards. Plan and monitor all community engagement activities, manage social risks and resolve issues, disputes, and grievances—from a single application.

Six Features That Make
Borealis Stand Out.

It’s true that our stakeholder management software shares some features with other platforms, like Darzin. But, companies across the United States have found unique features within Borealis that they can’t get anywhere else.


Outlook and Gmail integration

Record all emails and stakeholder contact info in Borealis straight from Outlook or Gmail with just a click. It’s easy. Keep your Outlook or Gmail messages organised in a centralised location. Import important information to Borealis without leaving your email environment. There’s no need to switch back and forth between your email and our software.


Operationalize your Engagement plan

Our software features a project management tool specifically designed for stakeholder engagement teams. Determine your project’s stakeholders and engagement objectives in the Engagement Plan feature, and delegate team members to manage stakeholders, engagement activities, and follow-ups. Monitor trends in real-time to keep your progress on track.


Software that can scale

Borealis is a one-stop shop for all your needs related to stakeholder engagement. Our solution lets you work at scale by allowing you to manage other areas of corporate social responsibility, like social investments, compensation payments, complaint and issue management, and compliance with regulations.


Powerful Analytics tools

Our Analytic feature lets you create custom graphics, maps and trendline from any dataset. You’ll be able to keep a closer eye on KPIs, such a number of grievances, tasks completed, engagements by type, and spot changes in real-time. Plus, you’ll be able to instantly generate regulatory and internal reports, or schedule them to be sent to higher management or external stakeholders.
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Google Maps API integration

View the geographic location of stakeholders on a map based on their addresses. You can also overlay to the map shape files to identify parcels, heritage sited, corporate asset, linear infrastructures and any land units that might be pertinent for your stakeholder engagement strategy.


Mobile application with offline mode capacity

Stay productive even when you’re on the move with the Borealis mobile app. Keep your stakeholder data current and prevent oversights by accessing and updating your records anytime, anywhere. Capture valuable information while it’s fresh by recording voice notes on the go. Scan business cards to quickly create contact. Attach pictures to issues you observe in the fields. And much more! Plus, with offline mode, you can continue to log your communications with stakeholders even when you’re without an internet connection.

Stakeholder Engagement Software
for Every Step of the Journey.

Here’s how we simplify your job from onboarding our software
to planning, engaging, and measuring your stakeholder engagement efforts.

Getting Started

No need to create your stakeholder database from scratch. You can get up and running efficiently with a simplified process to import your contacts and other necessary information.


Map, analyse, and prioritise stakeholders, build solid engagement plans based on data insights, and adjust course as needed.


Our time-saving data management features make it easy to enter, access, modify, and share stakeholder records and engagement data.


Monitor, measure, and understand the outcomes of your engagement activities so that you always know if your social acceptance is on track.
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Enough From Us.
Hear From Our Customers.

“Stakeholder engagement is worthless if it’s not properly documented. Since using Boréalis, things have been much more organized and it’s far easier for me to keep track of what my teams in the field are actually doing.”

''We’re now able to hold public involvement up to clear metrics. Instead of just reporting anecdotal success rates, we can easily present decision makers with clear figures backed with detailed records.''

The Modern Alternative to Darzin.

What makes us different from competitors like Darzin? Well, our fit-for-purpose solution helps you make better decisions by providing professional tools often unavailable in stakeholder management.
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Detailed mapping capabilities

GIS capacities that go beyond putting pins on a map. Import shape files to determine areas of impact, link stakeholders to parcel and document commitments.

Batch actions

Do you need to do the same action for a number of records, like linking a list of stakeholders to an engagement plan? Select the stakeholders you need to unite and apply the action to the entire list with a single click.

Ease of use

Not everyone in your organisation is tech-savvy. Though our software solves complex problems, it provides a user-friendly interface that is simple to navigate and get the job done.

Task Management

Synchronise your team’s work and avoid doubling efforts by assigning tasks to colleagues with target dates. Have them receive reminders and updates by email to prevent oversights—link tasks to specific activities, like communications.

Suitable for a wide range of industries

Yes, our Borealis’ fit-for-purpose solution is effective for organisations in the oil and gas and mining industry, but it benefits many companies. We have assisted numerous teams in implementing our software in industries ranging from transportation to healthcare, from consumer goods to renewable energy.

Grievance and feedback portal

Provide stakeholders with an easy self-serve online platform for filing grievances or any other kind of feedback on your project. It then automatically records all this information in Borealis for follow-up and resolution.

Delivering On
What We Promise.

We stay with you while you install and deploy our software solution. Our top-of-the-line Customer success team provides support in English, French, and Spanish. This dedicated, in-house team helps you make the most of your investment and increase your time-to-value. They’ll follow you throughout the years and be there to provide guidance as your needs evolve. They’re experts in stakeholder data management and are ready to help you.

striking stakeholder engagement gold

Borealis In Action:
PanAust Case Study

Here’s how a leading Australian mining company uses our internationally recognised stakeholder engagement tools and methods to secure a social license to operate.

Security Features That Make
Your IT Team Happy


ISO 27001 Certified

Borealis has certified its key activities for ISO 27001 standards. Borealis has always been committed to using the most secure data management processes. ISO 27001 certification allows us to continue offering our clients the most advanced, secure stakeholder management platform available.

Product integrations through Borealis API

Leverage all of your existing applications to work for stakeholder engagement. With the API, you can connect Borealis to your GIS, CRM, SAP, and endless other tools to be sure you’re always working with complete data. Easily import and export data, and entries will update automatically across systems.

Avoid downtime

Borealis hosting services are deployed in a Tier 3 certified design data centre. Amazon AWS is certified ISO 27001:2005 for providing and operating dedicated cloud computing infrastructures. Amazon AWS is based on the ISO 27002 and ISO 27005 security management and risk assessment norms and associated processes. Amazon AWS has obtained SOC 1 and 2 type II certifications.

Data segregation

Data segregation lets you choose which users can access which information: segregate data by projects, departments, locations, corporate level, or some other structural element of your organisation, and users will only access data specific to their workgroup.

Integrate corporate solutions seamlessly

Use one software solution for all sites without losing the possibility to configure the platforms according to each location’s needs, languages and reality while still reporting to head office in one uniform and comprehensive way.

Highly secured connection

We support several authentication protocols, including SAML single login and single logout and LDAP, MFA, and SCIM protocols. Organisations using the mobile application can implement Intune to control access to the app.
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