Boréalis Stakeholder Engagement for Community Relations

Community Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement Software for Community Relations

Earn and maintain your social license to operate

Plan and monitor your community commitments and resolve issues, disputes and grievances swiftly and transparently. Boréalis for Community Engagement software automates stakeholder information management tasks so that you can focus managing the nuanced relationships among community members.

Prioritize key influencers and identify risks

Prioritize key influencers and stakeholder groups, identify risks, then connect your engagement plans to tasks and workflows.

Assess and map each stakeholder to identify key influencers, group stakeholders with similar profiles or in similar zones, and prioritize outreach.
Include social and environmental data in your assessment to get a comprehensive overview of risks and challenges.
Plan your engagement strategies, set KPIs, add tasks, workflows and team members; then easily assign tasks and track progress.
Automatically generate stakeholder maps to monitor and assess stakeholder evolution over time.

Analyze stakeholder changes

Analyze stakeholder sentiment, social and environmental changes over time and demonstrate compliance with international guidelines.

Analyze environmental and social risks at every project stage to ensure positive outcomes for communities and your project.

Visualize the evolution of stakeholder sentiment over time and adjust your engagement strategy.
Review social and environmental KPIs for compliance with lender requirements and international standards such as IFC, IPIECA and ICMM.
Generate reports that meet Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) recommended guidelines.

Understand stakeholder needs

Engage in regular, open dialogue, and stay in touch with your stakeholders to understand their needs, establish inclusivity and create shared value.

Keep your stakeholder database fresh by automatically updating stakeholder profiles and adding new stakeholders, communication threads, and relevant documents as you work.
Customize your mailing lists and send personalized emails and letters to keep stakeholders informed.
Link issues, commitments and grievances to a campaign or communication for easy monitoring and timely follow up.
Centralize records of your community engagement activities across project sites for easy review and reporting.


Provide community engagement teams with knowledge and tools so that stakeholders feel heard and valued
Build community advocacy and maintain your social license to operate
Support corporate responsibility goals with clear metrics
Meet regulatory and lender requirements as well as international performance standards
«The ability to clearly communicate and provide more concrete examples of how our community investments, programs and engagement translate into measurable social outcomes is essential to validate our efforts to create shared value and reflect what matters most to the organization and its key stakeholders.»

Agnico Eagle

See how Boréalis helps Agnico Eagle fulfil its commitments to the Inuit community and set up community engagement KPIs

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